Italian Cuisine

Online & Offline Cooking Lessons. Promotion of Italian cuisine worldwide. A unique culinary journey with Chef Bellissimo. An engaging experience that embraces the tradition of Italian cuisine and the latest gastronomic trends.

Management & Consulting

Producing Italian restaurants in Japan and overseas , collaborating with resorts and hotels, assisting companies’ product development, offering basic Italian cuisine knowledge to restaurant owners, providing business improvement consultations, providing customer service and upskilling training, producing menus and recovering underperforming restaurants.

Life Style & Fashion

Collaborations with luxury brands, high fashion and leather goods.

Social Networking Service

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others SNS' Brand Ambassador and Influencer business.

Mass Media

Appearing on domestic and foreign TV shows, Over-the-top media service, magazines, radio programs, advertisements, commercials, sales, movies, promotion events.

Event & Promotion

Appearing in cooking shows, talk shows, dinner shows, lectures and seminars, as well as providing cuisine supervision in and out of Japan.

Italian Art & Design

Design for restaurants, Interior Design, Logo Design, Fashion Design, Web Design.

Real Estate Business

Domestic and overseas real estate business, buying and selling, renting, brokerage and management.